My work - graphics, photo, media

Here is on a page a summary of my work in graphics and photography

Declic photography logo

Creation of the entire "declic photography" logo (manual drawing, Photoshop colorization, Illustrator graphics)

5-création declic photography.jpg


Illustrator & Photoshop montage made with several personal photos

1-montage graphique selon photo orange.jpg

Logo Joël Fischer photography

The Joël Fischer photography logo was created from a photo taken on the Isle of Jura, Scotland, and then another photo taken in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve

2-creation logo joel fischer photo.jpg
3-création du site internet.jpg

Creation of the website Joël Fischer photography

Graphic design of the entire website. The computer base was taken from, but the entire design was done from a to z

Reporting and editing for the police

Photo report, preparation of files and graphic montages for the "police-emergency" sector of the Geneva police.


Printing on 3mx3m tarpaulins stretched in light boxes and on various exhibition supports during the Cité des Métiers de Genève, at Palexpo.

6-reportage et réalisation cité des métiers.jpg


Creation of several logos

4-création de plusieurs logos.jpg

Greeting cards

Greeting cards creation

7-cartes de voeux.jpg

Logo & T-shirts

Creation of logos and printing of t-shirts for various sports or professional teams

8-création de logos et de t-shirts pour diverses équipes de sport et pro.jpg

Vector interpretation

Vector interpretation of a personal photo (Illustrator)

9-Interpretation vectorielle d'une photo personnelle.jpg

Presentation & creation

Mounting and presentation of various logo formats on a bicycle frame

10-montage et présentation de divers formats de logo sur un cadre de vélo.jpg


Creation of badges for a helicopter crew

11-Création de badge helico.jpg


Refreshment, vectorization and creation of graphic supports (administrative, letters, cards, flyers, etc.) for a section of the international society for the rescue of Lake Geneva

12-Rafraichissement logo sauvetage.jpg